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4.48/Ohne titel

Credits   Pictures

4.48/Ohne titel


My body.

To get out

The presence of my bodily suffering,

The menacing,

Never tiring


Of my


Antonin Artraud: The Question Arises

4.48 / Ohne Titel is inspired by the British playwright Sarah Kane’s final work “4.48 Psychosis”. The piece approaches the experience of psychological collapse within varied mental states. Body language is applied to the manifestation of concepts inherent to the text: the fear of psychological breakdown, medication-induced suffering, and the inability to distinguish reality from imagination.

4.48/ Ohne Titel’s spoken text is a collage of quotations from several poems whose subjects regard manic depression, grief or loss. The collage gives a sprit to a new story.

Collected text by:

Antonin Artaud: Van Gogh: The Man Suicided by Society

Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The Yellow Wallpaper

Inge MĂĽller: Wer gibt dir ein Recht, den Stummen zu spielen

Marx Augustin: Oh du lieber Augustin

Virginia Woolf: Sketch of the Past

Virginia Woolf: Suicide Note

Iris Bolton: My Son

Anne Sexton: Almost Terrible Energy

Edgar Allan Poe: Letter to Annie L. Richmond/November 16, 1848

Quotation by Elizabeth Jennings

Sylvia Plath: Bell Jar

Franz Kafka: Diaries, 1913

Pantera: Suicide Note I, II

Randall Jarrell: The Woman at the Washington Zoo

John Donne: Letter of John Donne

Kay Redfield Jamison: Night Falls Fast

Amiri Baraka: Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note


Shang-Chi Sun’s way of showing the beauty of Asian bodies, which was something rare to be seen after Sankai Juku. “His body is slender and refined. He can fully express the aesthetic perceptions of Asian bodies in his own way. I believe that from now on he will be able to represent Asian dancers and become well-known.”

Shizuoka Arts Festival, June, 2010, Satoshi Miyagi



Choreography Shang Chi Sun

Scenic design Anita Fuchs

Light Anja Böhlke

Music Biliana Voutchkova, „including short excerpt from Earl Kim’s 12 caprices for solo violin“

Dramaturgy Gordon Florenkowsky

Play Hanna Binder 

Dance Pavel Povraznik, Alexandre Achour

Duration 60 min

Collaboration with 

SPAC Shizuoka Arts Festival, Japan 2010


Ernst Busch

The production is made possible by a grant from the Lo Man-fei Dance Fund, Cloud Gate Dance Foundation, Taiwan.