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Incomplete Harmony

Dance Company Theater Osnabrück
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Incomplete Harmony

Dance Company Theater Osnabrück

Incomplete Harmony was created in June 2013 by Shang-Chi Sun for the Osnabrück Dance Ensemble and is since then part of the repertoire of Tanz Theater Osnabrück. In this piece Shang-Chi Sun copes with the state of stillness and silence triggered by the images and perceptions. Shang-Chi Sun connects memories of his childhood in the 80s in Taiwan: "I love the silence. It makes me fantasize and dream. When I think of silence, I design subconsciously black and white images. When I was a child, my mother played in silent movies. I had to sit on a bench and wait for them until they had finished their work. Since it was a lot of waiting time it processes a lot of impressions for my mind and my senses. Everything was alive for me. Also all kinds of fragmented melodies touched me, even if there were only single sounds from scratches. Even today I can put my eyes through the colored reality in black and white images. Black and white make every action and movement significant and important. Incomplete Harmony is about this significance. I watch the dancers as people and 'liberate' them from moving to the music. Silence is a fundamental means of choreography for me".

Press review

"With Shang-Chi Sun, Mauro de Candia, Dance director of Osnabrück's Theatre, has invited a young contemporary choreographer who relies on sharp contrasts as well as strong dance personalities. This was the premiere of his acclaimed dance piece Incomplete Harmony, a collage of (childhood) memories. [...] One is suddenly surprised and caught by this cheerful, melancholy mosaic of flashbacks - as in a confusing beautiful dream that will still be moving hours after 'wake up'. Breathing sounds - hissing , humming or shouting - and steps , whether performed as a solo , duet , trio or the ensemble, lead the rhythm, the dramaturgy (Patricia Stöckemann). From humorous, playful, touching up to nightmarish, Shang-Chi Sun [...] let the ten dancers shine as different characters .  [...] A brilliant dance-finals of a fascinating evening with oblique charm.“
Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, 3rd June 2013


Choreography Shang-Chi Sun

Choreography collaborator Ross Martinson

Set/Costumes/Light Shang-Chi Sun

Dramaturgy Patricia Stöckemann

Assistent for choreograph and dance training Miroslaw Zydowicz

With Vasna Aguilar, Saori Ando, Chris Bauer, Liat Gabay , Noemi Emanuela Martone, Etienne Aweh, Valentin Braun, Gustavo Gomes, Christopher Havner, Amadeus Marek Pawlica 

October 12th 2013 | Incomplete Harmony | Emma-Theater, Osnabrück (D)
September 24th 2013 | Incomplete Harmony | Emma-Theater, Osnabrück (D)
August 30th 2013 | Incomplete Harmony | Theater Osnabrück (D)



Trailer Incomplete Harmony