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Choreographic concert walk #1
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Choreographic concert walk #1

„Promenade“ is a choreographic and musical journey. Two dancers walk along their paths, with a tranquil and vivid awareness of their environment. They go with the music, sometimes still, sometimes highly physical, jumping on and off the stage and sharpening their senses. “Promenade” is more than a performance, it is a game of listening and interpreting various moods with the body. The musician and the dancers are at play, discovering and challenging themselves. Together, they travel through different sections with an original musical composition by Christian Jost. They create a dialogue starting from the same point, like a movie scene, repeating, but seen from different perspectives.

This new project by Company Shang-Chi Sun will be premiered in Munich with further performances in Hamburg and Berlin in June 2016. This is the first cooperation with the composer Christian Jost and the start of a series of "choreographic concert walks".


Choreography: Shang-Chi Sun

Dancers: Samuel Deníz Falcón, Fernando Balsera Pita

Original music: Christian Jost

Pianist: Eva Yulin Shen

Photo: Luca Signoretti

Duration: 30 minutes

A production of Company Shang-Chi Sun and HoHaiYan Arts Association. With friendly support of Ministry of Culture Republic of China (Taiwan) and Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München.

June 14th 2016 | Promenade | Konzerthaus, Otto-Werner-Saal, Berlin (D)
June 11th 2016 | Promenade | Laieszhalle, Studio E, Hamburg (D)
June 05th 2016 | Promenade | Gasteig, Kleiner Konzertsaal, München (D)