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“A little tree descends from flies, lands. It has a single bough some three yards from ground and at its summit a meagre tuft of palms casting at its foot a circle of shadow. – He continues to reflect. – Whistle from above“. (Samuel Beckett, Act Without Words I)

Je.Sans.Paroles is a solo performance inspired by "Act Without Words I" originally written in French (Acte sans paroles) by Samuel Beckett in 1956. A man falls into a desert and can’t escape. It seems he is expelled from a womb-like condition, and there he struggles with his relationship to objects in the desert (cubes, carafe of water, palm tree, a knotted rope and scissors). He feels manipulated, out of control, but always compelled to go on with the game.

Je.Sans.Paroles is a dance and video performance that translates the absurdity of an environment that cannot be understood, a fascinating world where the borders between reality and imagination, logic and surrealism, seriousness and humour are permanently moving. What is the goal of the game? Who is playing? Who is acting and who is observing? The edge of the stage is vanishing, the audience could be God, the performer a victim or the manipulator.

Exploring the connections between media and bodily expression, Je.Sans.Paroles incorporates live interaction between dancer and video art installation to investigate the intersection of the living body and the virtual world.


It has moves that at the same time have a solid foundation in Beckett’s stage directions, but also emancipate themselves from them in a spectacular choreography. It is fascinating to see, how the artwork is extended playfully and effortless. Namely, it is extended into compression, towards a more and more condensed microcosm of abstraction. 

How theatrical and dramatic all this is, what might sound theoretical here, is a must-see. 

Steffen Georgi, Szene Leipzig, 10 June 2011

Shang-Chi Sun makes for a treatise on this story through a dance and without words. “Je.Sans.Paroles” in Lofft showcases the work of an exceptional dancer, whose gracefulness is characterised by a precision unheard-of.
Alexandra Henning,Leipzig Almanach, 18 June 2011


Music Helmut Lachenmann, Reigen Seliger Geister/ Quatuors à cordes
Choreography & Dance Shang-Chi Sun
Animation, programming Yoann Trellu
Scenic Design Anita Fuchs
Light Design Hans Fründt
Mentoring Holger Teschke
Photos Philipp Dümcke, Dr. Achim Plum
Management Laurent Dubost
Length 35 min.

A co-production with Le Manège – Scène Nationale de Maubeuge, Theater LOFFT Leipzig
With friendly support from Centre Culturel de Taiwan à Paris, La Gare Numérique de Jeumont
The production is made possible by a grant from the Lo Man-fei Dance Fund, Cloud Gate Dance Foundation, Taiwan.



Je.Sans.Paroles Trailer Maubeuge